Ticienne is capable of working on the complex turbine blade shapes used in gas compressors and steam turbines.

Some types of blades are polished manually, while some are polished automatically with 5 or 6 axis numerical control machines which were designed and implemented in-house.


Thanks to the milling machines up to 5 axis, we are able to work on complex shape turbine blades from a minimum of 6mm up to a maximum of 700 mm surface.


The materials processed are steels such as martensitic, austenitic and precipitation hardening (PH), starting either from bar or from forged.

The quality control and the certification of the final product, in full accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001, in addition to being present during all stages of internal processing, is guaranteed by two three-dimensional measuring machine, one is point-to-point and the other is continuous scanning, which the company utilizes.


The company is committed to certifying their measuring machines annually.