Ticienne was established in 1980 as a contractor company in CNC milling and turning. In 1983 it designed and produced the first wire system and plasma system for thermal spray intended for ceramic and metal coating on automotive components which were exported all over the world.


In 1990 Ticienne started intensive work, which is ongoing, to grind the coating on synchro rings as original equipment and also as spare parts.


Since 1990s, Ticienne has specialised in the machining of blades for gas turbines (compressor side) and blades for steam turbines (turbine side) in the oil and gas field. Ticienne's strength is the ability to carry out all of the activities of blades machining internally: from the first stages of processing to the polishing of the blade profiles in the traditional way, which is manual, or with automated machines which have 6 axis. The dimensional control is guaranteed by the three-dimensional measuring machines which the company utilizes.


Since 2010 Ticienne is able to grind ceramic coatings for ball valves destined for the oil and gas field.


In 2013, thanks to the detailed knowledge that was acquired over the years spent on CNC machines, we have designed and built a machine with 6 axis for polishing the profiles of the turbine blades. In the meantime two machines with 5 axis have been built for polishing profiles with smaller dimensions (up to 10 mm in surface length)